How Can CHS Save The World?


Spring 2016

As part of this year’s “Can Comparative Historical Sociology Save the World?” discussion, in this current issue of Trajectories, scholars whose own work has used comparative historical methods to address policy-relevant concerns give advice on how to do this kind of research.


Elisabeth Pearson: Four ways to turn good sociology into policy-relevant sociology

Peter Evans: Strategies for saving the world

Vivek Chibber: How comparative historical sociology can change the world (for the better)

Frederick Wherry: Sent for: how to engage public policy

Michèle Lamont:  “Sociologue engagée” : a contribution to a debate on “can comparative historical sociology save the world?”

Elisabeth Clemens: Strategy or serendipity?

Isaac Martin: The comparative historical sociology of W. E. B. DuBois

Lane Kenworthy:  How to do policy-oriented social science

Ho-fung Hung: Comparative historical sociology and liberating social changes in the last two centuries



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